Air-conditioning – what are the rules?

As summer approaches in Spain, more and more people realise that the temperatures will just keep on rising and it won’t be enough to simply pull the shutters down, take a cold shower and spend your afternoons having a siesta. And so, the search for air-conditioning installations begins. But what are the rules?

For properties that don’t already have air-conditioning installed, there are rules and regulations for every building, so you do need to check.

If you are renting, first of all check your contract and see if there are any clauses about air-conditioning units. If there is no clause expressly forbidding air conditioning units there may be something about making any kind of alterations to the property.

If you are still unsure, the best option is to check with your landlord. To avoid problems and potentially having to remove the air conditioner and return the property to its original state at the end of the tenancy, write a written request and ensure you get written consent before proceeding.

You might think it would be easier if you own the property, but if you are in an apartment building you will still have to check what rules apply to air conditioning units in your building and seek permission from the “comunidad” – residents’ community.

Sometimes, air conditioning units are banned from the facade of the building for aesthetic reasons. Other times there are rules about where exactly the units can be placed in order to limit noise. There could be rules about the distance they should be from a neighbour’s window. Whatever the case, make sure you have checked with the relevant parties and are fully informed.

Once you have the consent you need and have checked the rules in your local area then you should have a look for the air conditioning unit you want, which can cost from around €400 (plus installation) for a unit that is sufficient to cool the average sized room.

Air-conditioners can be noisy, so, particularly for bedroom installations, this is worth considering. Likewise, the location of the unit in a bedroom can be important as you may not want the cold air blowing directly on you while you sleep.

You can also speak to the abundance of local experts who will be able to give you advice. Make sure you go with a reputable company as air conditioning installations need to be carried out by a qualified professional who is not only able to install safely, but also able to remove and recycle old air-conditioning units in the appropriate manner.

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