Can I do a home renovation during the COVID-19 crisis?

The lockdown has forced us all to spend more than 50 days in the confines of our homes. For many, this has meant too much time to notice all of the things that we have been putting off, in terms of home improvements and renovations. People are now wondering when they will be able to start reforms on their homes.

The answer is simple. Starting from phase 0, where we are now in Valencia, "carrying out rehabilitation works in non-closed places is authorized under certain security conditions."

According to a document published by the government, property reforms can go ahead "as long as the propery is empty (not inhabited) and there is no contact with the neighbours.”

"The spaces and routes must be divided into sectors so that neighbours and workers do not coincide," the document clarifies.

This means that works and renovations in inhabited homes will have to wait until later. If the Valencian Community continues on the right track, the de-escalation could conclude on June 23. But of course, we will all need to pay attention to whether these guidelines are adjusted as we progress through the crisis.


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